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Road safety

Road Safety Performance Index (PIN)
The ETSC Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) is a policy tool to help EU member states improve road safety. By comparing member states' performance, it serves to identify and promote best practice in Europe and bring about the kind of political leadership that is needed to create what citizens deserve - a road transport system that offers maximum safety.

Road safety at work

PRAISE - Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees
The PRAISE project was re-launched in November 2013 for a three-year period with the twin aims of examining work-related road safety standards in EU member states, and enhancing existing knowledge of the need for work-related road safety management within public and private organisations.

Vulnerable road users

BIKE PAL is a three-year pan-European project that aims to offer cyclists and policymakers a package of information, resources and awareness-raising to help significantly improve the safety of cycling.

Drink driving

Safe and Sober
The objective of the Safe and Sober campaign is to raise awareness amongst policy makers, the private sector and key opinion leaders of the need for a systemic approach to reducing alcohol misuse in road transport, especially in poorly-performing EU member states.

SMART - Safer Mobility Across Road Transport
The objective of the SMART project is to address the main issues related to alcohol and driving and continue ETSC advocacy activities both at EU and member state level to tackle drink driving and reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths.

Projects archive

Infrastructure safety

Roads to Respect
A European campaign for better road safety engineering by the European Transport Safety Council in partnership with 3M Europe and Toyota.


STARS - STudents Acting to Reduce Speed
STARS was an 18-month project aimed at mobilising transport research into speed management to demonstrate how excessive and inappropriate speed can be reduced through existing measures.

ShLOW - Show me How Slow
The ShLOW project spread the know-how from transport research into speed management across Europe and trained and encouraged future road safety, transport, and environmental sector professionals to carry out effective speed management measures. The project also involved dedicated students undertaking speed management activities within their local surroundings in ten EU countries.

Drink driving

Drink driving policy network
The aim of this programme was to contribute to reducing alcohol-related road deaths and injuries through the identification and promotion of best practice in both policy and advocacy.

Vulnerable road users

VOICE - Vulnerable Road User Organisations In Cooperation across Europe
The principle aim of the VOICE project was to raise awareness of the needs of vulnerable road users among EU policy makers, calling for implementation of the measures necessary for the protection of cyclists and pedestrians.


ETSC's enforcement programme
A programme to monitor the progress made in EU member states on improving traffic law enforcement.

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Drink Driving
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