Drink Driving Policy Network

The aim of this Programme was to contribute to reducing alcohol-related road deaths and injuries through the identification and promotion of best practice in both policy and advocacy.

The Drink Driving Policy Network was committed to ETSC's systemic and evidence-based approach to road safety work and gathered information on European countries' progress in reducing deaths from drink driving crashes.

Under the Drink Driving Policy Network ETSC carried out four specific activities:

1. A High Level Seminar in Brussels, aiming at involving national decision makers, discussing the country's drink driving performance in relation to ongoing policy debates, ensuring a balanced attendance and lively debate, attracting media and creating a momentum to spark further road safety efforts.
The agenda of the High Level Seminar can be found here.

First session presentations:
Speech by European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas
Presentation by Despina Spanou, Chair of the Europan Alcohol and Health Forum
Presentation by Richard Allsop, ETSC Board Member and Chairman of the PIN Programme

Second session presentations:
Pasi Kemppainen, TISPOL European Traffic Police Network
Marita Loytty, Finnish Transport Agency
Inger Rasmussen, Central Denmark Region
Kathryn Partidge, DIAGEO

Third session presentations:
Anna Vadeby, VTI - The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute
Ireland, Michael Brosnan, RSA - Road Safety Authority
Hans Erik Hansen, Norwegian Abstaining Motorists Association
Czech Republic, Jindrich Fric, CDV - Transport Research Centre

2. A Compendium on Best Practices in tackling Drinking and Driving, aiming at analysing and evaluating the drink driving situation at EU member state level. The publication is available here.

3. A Ranking of Countries, based on their performances in reducing drink driving road deaths. The publication is available here.

4. Six Drink Driving Monitors, a regular newsletter focusing on monitoring and commenting on drink driving legislation and activity in the EU and in the Member States.

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