Position papers

Manifesto for the 2014 European Parliament Elections
19 November 2013
Position on the Proposal to Amend Maximum Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles
22 October 2013
Position on eCall
30 September 2013
Memorandum to the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU
1 July 2013
Integrating Safety into EU Urban Transport Policy
5 June 2013
Response to the first EU milestone towards an injury strategy
20 May 2013
CARS 2020 - contribution by ETSC
16 May 2013
Position on Flight Time Limitations
6 May 2013
Enforcement in the EU Vision 2020
1 May 2013
Memorandum to the Irish Presidency of the EU
18 January 2013
Position on the Roadworthiness Package
26 October 2012
Letter to Vice President Kallas - Guidelines on Digital Maps
15 October 2012
Memorandum to the Cypriot Presidency of the EU
2 July 2012
Horizon 2020: Priorities for Road Safety Research in the EU
26 June 2012
CARS 21 Road Safety
15 February 2012
EU Funds for Road Safety
17 January 2012
Memorandum to the Danish Presidency of the EU
9 January 2012
Memorandum to the Polish Presidency of the EU
1 July 2011
MEP Briefing Cross Border Enforcement June 2011
23 June 2011
ETSC Response to the Transport White Paper June 2011
6 June 2011
ETSC Position Paper on Longer and Heavier Vehicles
17 May 2011
MEP Briefing on the European Parliament Draft Report on Road Safety
8 March 2011
ETSC Position on the Proposal for a Regulation on L-category vehicles
25 January 2011
ETSC Position on Cross Border Enforcement Directive January 2011
24 January 2011
ETSC Memorandum to the Hungarian Presidency
10 January 2011
ETSC Blueprint for the EU 4th Road Safety Action Programme 2010-2020
30 September 2010
ETSC Response to the EC Policy Orientations on Road Safety 2011-2020
22 September 2010
ETSC Memorandum to the Belgian Presidency
1 July 2010
EU Air Accident Investigations Must Promote Safety
10 June 2010
The critical importance of the "Automatic Headlights On" (AHO) function for Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs).
Video - 178Mb
2 June 2010
Future Safety of Passengers at Stake
26 April 2010
ETSC Position Paper on Aviation Accident Investigation
15 March 2010
Reducing Road Risk Driving for Work
11 March 2010
Open Letter to Kallas Ambitous Road Safety Targets 2020
16 February 2010
ETSC Memorandum to the Spanish Presidency of the EU
6 January 2010
PIN Flash 15 - Set targets for serious injury reduction in Europe
22 November 2009
EU Funds for Road Safety
16 November 2009
ETSC Reponse to the consultation on the EC Communication on a Sustainable Future for Transport
1 October 2009
ETSC Response to the EC consultation on driving training and traffic safety education
29 July 2009
ETSC Memorandum to the Swedish Presidency of the EU
30 June 2009
3rd Road Safety PIN Report: 2010 on the Horizon
22 June 2009
ETSC ITS Position June 2009
2 June 2009
ETSC response to the EC consultation on a Framework Regulation on type-approval of PTW
27 February 2009
ETSC Position on EC Regulation proposal for Type-Approval Requirements for the general Safety of Vehicles
27 November 2008
Cross Border Enforcement Directive Letter to the EU Presidency_Minister Bussereau
6 October 2008
ETSC Memorandum to the French Presidency on the European road safety
30 June 2008
2nd Road Safety PIN Report - Countdown to 2010- Only two more years to act!
23 June 2008
ETSC Position paper on the Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on the protection of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users
5 March 2008
Memorandum to the Slovene Presidency of the EU 2008
8 January 2008
ETSC Memorandum to the Portuguese Presidency on the European road safety policy
27 July 2007
VOICE Network position on the Commission’s response to the CARS 21 High Level Group report (COM(2007)22)
5 April 2007
Traffic Law Enforcement to be priority under German Presidency of the EU
11 January 2007
ETSC Contribution to EC Consultation on Enforcement
22 December 2006
ETSC Memorandum to the Finnish Presidency on the European road safety policy
30 June 2006
ETSC response consultation blind spot mirrors
21 June 2006
ETSC response consultation Infrastructure safety
21 June 2006
ETSC Response to the consultation on the Cars21
2 May 2006
ETSC response to the consultation on the TENs extension to neighbouring countries
7 March 2006
ETSC response to the Commission's Consultation document on the White Paper
10 December 2005
ETSC Memorandum - EU Road Safety Policy to top Austrian Transport Agenda
5 December 2005
Strong UK Leadership Needed for Safer Roads
27 June 2005
Enhancing competitiveness by improving car safety - ETSC’s response to CARS 21
4 May 2005
ETSC Response to the U.K. Presidency Consultation
11 March 2005
ETSC Memorandum to the Luxembourg Presidency
9 December 2004
ETSC, AGE and ACPO position on driving licences
19 November 2004
ETSC, ACPO and TISPOL position on the Commission Recommendation on enforcement
30 January 2004
ETSC response to the 3rd Road Safety Action Programme
30 September 2003
ETSC and T&E position on tunnel safety requirements
20 June 2003
ETSC position on the Commission proposal on pedestrian protection
27 March 2003
ETSC comment on the proposal for a Directive on railway safety
27 March 2002
ETSC response to the Commission's White Paper
19 March 2002
ETSC response to EC Communication on pedestrian protection
11 July 2001
ETSC response to Commission Communication: Priorities in EU Road Safety - Progress Report and Ranking of Actions
27 May 2000

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