Enforcement: Council of Ministers

The European transport ministers underlined the importance of traffic law enforcement in their "Verona Charter" adopted at an informal Council meeting on 23-24 October 2003. They agreed on the need to promote in their countries a comprehensive road safety policy based on, among others,

"undertaking to effectively enforce those rules which … have been shown to have the greatest effect in terms of reducing the number and severity of road accidents, for example those pertaining to speed limits, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, the wearing of safety belts and of crash helmets, even if the stricter enforcement of those rules may initially prove unpopular. In this regard, increased compliance with the law may be obtained through a combination of information, guidance and enforcement" (Council conclusions of 5 December 2003)

On 25-26 October 2004, the Ministers gathered again in Verona for an informal meeting on road safety. In their conclusions they recognised the need for "a common and unrelenting effort" to enforce traffic safety regulations. Ministers also supported the role that vehicle technologies had to play, highlighting automatic speed control, warning or limiting devices, alcohol locks and seat belt reminders. Importance was also attached to the need to strengthen cross-border enforcement with the introduction of "a European-wide system of collaboration". Moreover, Ministers stressed the essential need for "data collection and distribution for effective enforcement". See Council conclusions of 25-26 October 2004.

The third ministerial Verona road safety conference took place from 4-5 November 2005. Transport Ministers pledged to improve the exchange of good practice. They adopted conclusions in which they committed to promote road safety policies in their respective countries based notably on improving driver training, provisional driving licences for young drivers and additional training for repeat offenders. The conclusions also put emphasis on tougher sanctions. However, there was no follow-up of last year’s strong commitment to enforcement which formed part of the Verona Council conclusions in 2004. Click here to find the Verona Conclusions.

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