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If traffic rules were thoroughly checked and sanctioned, more than 14 000 lives could be saved and 680 000 injuries avoided on European roads each year. This would go a long way towards achieving the EU's objective of cutting the number of road deaths by 20 000 until the year 2010, especially as these important benefits can be reaped in a fairly short period of time.

Following the publication of its Road Safety Action Programme, the Commission published a Recommendation to the Member States on how to improve their enforcement policies. EU countries are asked to apply in a national enforcement plan what is known to be best practice in the enforcement of speed, alcohol and seat belt legislation.

Given the importance of this measure, ETSC has launched in 2004 a programme to monitor progress made in EU Member States in terms of improving traffic law enforcement. ETSC has assessed and compared their efforts and continues to report on its findings regularly to keep the item on the agenda.

ETSC aims to promote best practice not only regarding traffic law enforcement carried out by the police, but also through "self-enforcing" cars and roads. Our programme therefore focuses on all three pillars of enforcement policymaking (and transport safety policymaking in general):

Policy Paper

Traffic Law Enforcement Across the EU - Time for a Directive

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12 March 2007
Seat Belt Reminders - Implementing advanced safety

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02 November 2006
Intelligent Speed Assistance - Myths and Reality

Full Report
24 May 2006
Traffic Law Enforcement across the EU - An Overview

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Country pages
05 May 2006
In-Car Enforcement Technologies Today

Full Report
17 October 2005
The Safety of Vulnerable Road Users in the Southern, Eastern and Central European Countries (The "SEC Belt")

Full Report
25 February 2005


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