Speeding: Why increase enforcement?

Compliance with speed limits is generally poor, and speed limits are often exceeded with relatively little public disapproval of speeding. Drivers themselves readily admit to exceeding the speed limit.

50 km/h urban roads80/90 km/h rural single carriageway100/110 km/h expressways100-130 km/h Motorways
Denmark 67 40
Finland 522315
Great Britain 73956
Ireland 36  
Netherlands 40 20/55
Table 1. Percentage of cars exceeding general speed limits in different countries (ETSC, 1995)

According to the most recent SARTRE III survey, the feeling of EU drivers to be checked "often", "very often" or "always" for a problem of speeding is relatively high in the EU (18%). Figures differ however greatly from country to country, with the lowest subjective risk being reported from Sweden (3%) and Denmark (5%), and the highest from Cyprus (40%) and Great Britain (36%).

Excess or inappropriate speed is involved in around one third of accidents resulting in vehicle occupant fatalities (ETSC, 1995).

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