BIKE PAL is a three-year pan European project that aims to offer cyclists a package of information, resources and awareness raising experiences to help them significantly improve their safety on the roads, thus effectively becoming cyclists' best friend.
Please click here for more information about the launching of BIKE PAL.

BIKE PAL is also targeted at policy-makers and other groups of stakeholders who have the power to increase the cyclists' level of safety. To this end, BIKE Pal published a Cycling Safety Ranking of European countries and a Scientific Review of cycling safety policies.

Based on the good practice examples and recommendations presented in the Scientific Review, BIKE PAL compiled an easy-to-read manual for cyclists, distributed primarily to university students during a EU-wide university lecture tour.

ETSC is organising a university lecture tour to spread the accumulated knowledge to students across the continent and to motivate them to further take part in BIKE PAL activities. During this phase of the project, students will be given a manual on safe cycling and attend practical demonstrations.
After attending one of the BIKE PAL lectures in their university students have the opportunity to devise a project idea which they can then submit to ETSC. Students have to work in groups of two for the duration of the project and can apply for the CHALLENGE through this application form.

The students submitting the best project proposals will be invited for a one-week training course organised by ETSC in Brussels. Following this training camp, ETSC will monitor and support the students while they liaise with local authorities as well as outside partners to implement their projects.
The three groups of students with the best implemented projects, as decided by a jury of experts, will be invited to Brussels for a high-level award ceremony.

Click here to read a study into the effectiveness of bicycle helmets produced by Fundación MAPFRE.

BIKE PAL receives financial support from the European Commission, the German Road Safety Council (DVR) and Fundación MAPFRE.
The contents of the project are the sole responsibility of ETSC and do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsors.

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