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ETSC's work is heavily based on its members' contributions and interests. To provide an unbiased focus on European transport safety policy, ETSC seeks to bring together all major national and international safety organisations from all EU Member States.

Our current members are highly appreciative of our work.

"ETSC is the only multi-modal European group and the only group that maintains an independent existence. It also fills a central role in holding both the Commission and Parliament to account for their decisions." (Robert Gifford, PACTS)

"ETSC is a most valuable partner in our international network, through all knowledge ETSC contributes, through all the different working parties ETSC organises and through all the opportunities for exchange of experience which it provides in seminars, lectures etc." (Thomas Carlson, NTF)

10 good reasons for ETSC membership

  1. As an independent organisation promoting science-based solutions to improve transport safety, ETSC offers an ideal network for knowledge-exchange and dissemination of your latest research findings amongst safety professionals from a variety of disciplines, countries, and political levels.

  2. With its well-established links to European institutions such as the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, ETSC supports its members in placing themselves at the heart of the decision-making process in European transport safety policies.

  3. ETSC strongly encourages European safety experts to contribute to its well-known and widely-distributed international state-of-the-art Reviews, Newsletters and Position Papers.

  4. The elevated position of ETSC in rational transport policies brings its member organisations closer to the core decision-making process within the European Institutions.

  5. ETSC's wide range of members offers a unique chance to improve your international visibility and to establish fruitful contacts with key individuals working in transport safety at both European and national level.

  6. It also encourages member organisations to submit project proposals for thematic networks and research consortia funded by the European institutions.

  7. A membership within ETSC will ensure that one can respond quickly to the latest policy and research developments in Europe.

  8. By supporting ETSC's rational approach towards transport safety you will reinforce your reputation as a leading stakeholder in transport safety in Europe.

  9. The network of ETSC offers you access to new knowledge and technological innovations which represent the cutting edge of transport safety development.

  10. By joining ETSC any organisation will have the exceptional chance to shape the EU transport safety policy and research agendas.

For information on how to join ETSC's Main Council, please contact the Secretariat.


ETSC's work is financed in part through projects which are co-funded by the European Commission. ETSC also receives funding from private sector sponsors.

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