To showcase the latest available data and knowledge on transport safety, ETSC organises events throughout Europe. These are usually, but not necessarily, linked to the projects run by the Secretariat.

Road Safety Performance Index (PIN)
In order to accomplish the overall mission of the PIN Programme, mobilising knowledge to create leadership, ETSC organises an annual conference in Brussels, complemented by a series of national debates, the PIN Talks.
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Work-Related Road Safety
In the framework of the PRAISE project, ETSC published a handbook of resources that can be used by companies to improve the road safety of employees. These resources were discussed with decision-makers and employers in a series of European and national level events.
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Drink driving
ETSC is looking to reduce the number of alcohol-related road deaths and injuries through the identification and promotion of best practice in both policy and advocacy. To this end, it runs the Drink Driving Policy Network, as well as the Safe and Sober Campaign aimed at raising awareness amongst policy makers, the private sector as well as some key opinion leaders for a systemic approach to reduce alcohol misuse in road transport.
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European Transport Safety Lecture
The aim of this annual lecture is to draw attention to the success of research-based transport safety policy-making.
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The Transport Safety Lunches offer an opportunity to debate promising and successful approaches to prevent transport collisions and injuries. Organised in Brussels, the Lunches provide those interested in transport safety with a platform to exchange information and views.
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Drink Driving
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