7th Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report
Press release
Methodological note

17 June 2013
PIN Flash 25 - Risk on the roads: a male problem?
17 June 2013
PIN Flash 24 - Towards safer transport of goods and passengers in Europe
Press Release
Background tables
17 April 2013
Integration of Road Safety in Other Policy Areas: Synergies and Conflicts
8 April 2013
Raising the Bar: Scientific Review of Cycling Safety Policies
18 December 2012
BESTPOINT Handbook: Getting the best out of a Demerit Point System
Presentations held at the BESTPOINT Conference will be made available on the
BESTPOINT website.
6 September 2012
Cycling Safety Ranking
27 August 2012
6th Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report
Press Release
Methodological note
20 June 2012
Work Related Road Safety Management Programmes
25 April 2012
Drink Driving: Towards Zero Tolerance
24 April 2012
Driving for Work Managing Speed
15 December 2011
PIN Flash 21 - Young men four times more likely to die on EU roads than young women
PIN Flash 21
Background Tables
Methodological Note
29 November 2011
EU Social Rules and Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers
20 October 2011
5th Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report
Press release
Methodological Note
21 June 2011
Road Safety at Work Zones
24 May 2011
PIN Flash 19 - Unprotected Road Users Left Behind in Efforts to Reduce Road Deaths
PIN Flash 19
Background Tables
10 May 2011
Traffic Law Enforcement across the EU
22 February 2011
Minimising In Vehicle Distraction
21 December 2010
Safer Commuting to Work
Report 4 ES
3 November 2010
PRAISE Report 4: Safer Commuting to Work
3 November 2010
PIN Flash 18 - Reducing deaths on rural roads
PIN Flash 18
Background Tables
12 October 2010
ETSC Response to EC Communication on Road Safety September 2010
22 September 2010
Study on the regulatory situation in the Member States regarding brought-in (i.e. nomadic) devices and their use in vehicles
30 August 2010
4th Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report
Press release
22 June 2010
Fitness to Drive
Report 3 ES
7 May 2010
PIN Flash 16 - Tackling the Three Main Killers on the Road
PIN Flash 16
Background Tables
Methodological Notes
5 May 2010
Fit for Road Safety: From Risk Assessment to Training
Report 2 ES
26 February 2010
ETSC Memorandum to the Spanish Presidency on the European road safety policy
6 January 2010
Drink driving in commercial transport
6 January 2010
PIN Flash 15 - Set targets for serious injury reduction in Europe
PIN Flash 15
Background Tables
Methodological Notes
PIN Flash Schwerverletzte in Deutsch
12 November 2009
How can In-Vehicle Safety Equipment improve road safety at work?
Report 1 ES
16 September 2009
How far from Zero? Benchmarking of road safety performance in the Nordic countries
Press release
7 September 2009
3rd Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report
Press Release
22 June 2009
PIN Flash 13 - Boost the market for safer cars across the EU
PIN Flash 13
Background tables
Methodological Note
14 April 2009
Allianz Studie Sicherheit und Mobilitat alterer Verkehrsteilnehmer
3 March 2009
PIN Flash 12 - Reducing Child Deaths on European Roads
PIN Flash 12
Background tables
Methodological Note
9 February 2009
ETSC Memorandum to the Czech Presidency on the European road safety policy
6 January 2009
ETSC Memorandum to the Czech Presidency on the European road safety policy (in Czech)
6 January 2009
PIN Flash 11- En route to safer mobility in EU capitals
PIN Flash 11
Background tables
Methodological Notes
8 October 2008
A Blueprint for 4th Road Safety Action Programme for the EU 2010-2020
24 September 2008
ShLOW!: Show me How Slow
23 September 2008
2nd Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report
Press release
23 June 2008
PIN Flash 9 - Reducing Older People’s Deaths on Roads in Europe
PIN Flash 9
Background tables and Methodological note
26 May 2008
VULNERABLE RIDERS - Safety implications of motorcycling in the European Union
26 May 2008
Managing Speed: Towards Safe and Sustainable Road Transport
24 April 2008
Drink Driving: Young Drivers and Recidivist Offenders
14 April 2008
PIN Flash 8 - Reducing deaths on motorways
PIN Flash 8
Background tables and Methodological note
19 February 2008
PIN Flash 7 - Reducing motorcyclist deaths in Europe
PIN Flash 7
Background tables
Methodological note
18 December 2007
PIN Flash 6 - Reducing road deaths
Press release
Background tables
Methodological note
10 October 2007
Reining in Whiplash
31 July 2007
1st Annual Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Report
Press release
7 June 2007
Social and economic consequences of road traffic injury in Europe
2 May 2007
Traffic Law Enforcement across the EU - Time for a Directive
12 March 2007
PIN Flash 4 - Seat belt use
Press release
Seat belt wearing rates across Europe
Lives saved per country
22 February 2007
Seat Belt Reminders - Implementing advanced safety
2 November 2006
PIN Flash 3 - Seat belt reminders
Press release PIN Flash 3
25 October 2006
PIN Flash 2 - Progress toward the EU target
Road deaths in Europe 2001-2005
Road deaths per population 2001-2005
Presentation by Franziska Achterberg
26 September 2006
PIN Flash 1 - Pinning them down on their promise
18 July 2006
Intelligent Speed Assistance - Myths and Reality
24 May 2006
Traffic Law Enforcement across the EU - An Overview
5 May 2006
Road accident data in the Enlarged European Union
7 April 2006
A methodological approach to national road safety policies
1 March 2006
Yearbook 2005
12 December 2005
In-Car Enforcement Technologies Today
17 October 2005
The Safety of Vulnerable Road Users in the Southern, Eastern and Central European Countries (The "SEC Belt")
25 February 2005
Cost effective EU transport safety measures
1 August 2003
Transport safety organisations in public and private sectors
Full report
1 August 2003
Transport safety performance in the EU - a statistical overview
1 July 2003
Assessing risk and setting targets in transport safety programmes
1 June 2003
Transport safety performance indicators
1 July 2001
The role of driver fatigue in commercial road transport crashes
1 July 2001
ETSC Transport research strategy
1 June 2001
Priorities for EU Motor Vehicle Safety Design
1 June 2001
EU transport accident, incident and casualty database: current status and future needs
1 January 2001
Transport accident and incident investigation in the European Union
1 January 2001
Increasing the survival rate in aircrafts accidents: impact protection, fire survivability and evacuation
1 December 1999
Reducing the severity of road injuries through post impact care
1 October 1999
Intelligent transport systems and road safety
1 June 1999
Police enforcement strategies to reduce traffic casualties in Europe
1 May 1999
Safety of pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas
1 February 1999
Road safety audit and safety impact assessment
1 August 1997
Transport Accident Costs and the Value of Safety
9 January 1997
Increasing the survival rate in Aircraft Accidents
4 July 1996
Consumer information on the crash performance of cars
24 May 1995
Reducing traffic injuries from excess and inappropriate speed
1 February 1995
Reducing traffic injuries resulting from alcohol impairment
1 January 1995
Safety of European Civil Aviation: air crew duty times and cockpit automation
4 July 1994

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