Roads to Respect

European Campaign for Better Road Safety Engineering by the European Transport Safety Council in Partnership with 3M Europe and Toyota

R2R Road safety research shows that safer road design and layout would do most to reduce the rate of death and serious injury. Present road design results from many decades of construction and maintenance in a time when safety issues where diluted among other considerations. Many roads do not meet latest safety requirements. On top of that, traffic conditions have changed dramatically.

With safer roads, deaths and injuries are preventable. Good roads enforce desired traffic behaviour by assisting the task of driving and offer an environment that is adapted to the limitations of human capacity. In considering these limitations, safe roads respect the vulnerability of the human body and the value of human lives.

The "Roads to Respect" (R2R) project focuses on treating high risk infrastructure sites as this is the area of road safety work where the most substantial and sustainable casualty reductions can be achieved in relatively short time and at relatively low cost.

The R2R project rests on three strategic elements:


-the CAMP


ETSC will offer a LECTURE on improving the safety of road infrastructure to engineering universities in Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Portugal. The LECTURE will draw on scientific evidence from across Europe illustrating the lack of infrastructure safety in Europe's countries and highlight solutions on how to improve the safety of roads. The LECTURE will help launch the call for applications to the Camp amongst students.

At the CAMP, selected candidates from each country will be invited to receive road safety training during a five-day course in Brussels. The aim of this Camp is to build basic road safety knowledge amongst the participating students. The students will also receive training from professional campaigners, road safety experts and journalists in running a road safety campaign.

The CHALLENGE: After returning to their countries the students will identify a high risk site of their choice and develop the structure of their own science- based campaign to get the site treated. On the basis of their results, the best students of each country will be invited to Brussels to attend an award CEREMONY and to present the results of their efforts to road safety scientists, policy makers and private companies. These events will provide good opportunities for all actors involved to learn about best practice examples and to share their experience in science-based road safety campaigning.

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