SMART (Sober Mobility Across Road Transport)

The objective of SMART is to address the main issues related to alcohol and driving and continue ETSC advocacy activities both at EU and Member States level to tackle drink driving and reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths. This focus is aligned with the EU Strategy to reduce injuries and deaths caused by drink driving.

The activities within SMART are consistent with and supplement ETSC's systemic and evidence-based approach to road safety work.

In the framework of the three-year SMART project ETSC will conduct the following activities:

• A European Transport Safety Dinner in Brussels addressing alcohol at the workplace;
• 3 Case Studies on good practice in addressing drink driving in different contexts and for different users' group;
• 6 National events (2 per year) on drink driving taking place in different European countries and bringing together drink driving experts and stakeholders;
• A Conference on rehabilitation programmes for drink driving offenders in Brussels;
• Six Drink Driving Monitors;
• Renewal of the ETSC Commitment under the EC European Alcohol and Health Forum;
• An Alcohol Interlock Barometer.

The SMART project receives financial support from The Brewers of Europe and it represents the two organisations' joint commitment under the European Alcohol and Health Forum.

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