Members: Centro Studi Cittą Amica (CeSCAm)

CeSCAm is a research center set up in September 1995 within the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Brescia. In the frame of its studies on urban and territorial development the center specially carries researches on problems regarding the quality of life, public space and in particular urban road safety.

A special focus is given to the mobility of the more vulnerable road users. The main field of activities for the study center are:

  1. research and documentation regarding urban safety and namely road safety;

  2. gathering, mapping and analysing of casualties in urban and ex-urban environments;

  3. planning and design methods for a safer and more liveable city;

  4. transferring and training with regards to its main research areas;

  5. promotion of collaboration and exchange of expertise with similar institutes in Italy and abroad;

  6. promotion of research actions.

The Main Council of the Center is made of around 20 professors, while the permanent staff is made of three professors, two senior researchers and four young researchers.

CeSCAm has been a member of the European Transport Safety Council since the year 2000.

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