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The Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde, VSV) is a public organisation committed to increase the knowledge and awareness about traffic and mobility in the region of Flanders, Belgium. Since its establishment in 1990, the FFT organises permanent courses for professionals in the traffic sector, develops educational projects and organises awareness campaigns for traffic participants of all ages, both during and after their schooling.

The FFT invests in continuous traffic and mobility education, available to everyone from the ages of 0 to 100, as it were. In this way, FFT provides the required knowledge and skills for safe road behaviour, employing the principle of teach the teacher, as well as endeavouring to reach its target groups directly. The FFT also focuses on awareness-raising to convince the public of the importance of behaving in a safe and responsible manner in traffic. To do so, the FFT collaborates with all pertinent partners in the field of road safety and mobility: the Flemish government, municipalities, the local and federal police, universities and research centres, road user organisations etc.

Some of our projects for professionals:

• the Flemish Road Safety Congress (annually)
• the Police congress (biannually), Cyclist congress
• the Mobility Academy: introductory and specialist courses on different technical themes (infrastructure, traffic legislation, etc)

Some of our projects for road users in general:

• the Great Traffic Test, an annual event to test the traffic knowledge and skills of fifth-grade primary school children;
• Smart Mobile Schools, a support programme for traffic and mobility education in secondary schools;
• Driving Licence at School, a driving theory programme for last-grade secondary school pupils, including the B licence theory exam;
• On The Road, a training module focusing on defensive driving skills for young drivers;
• Mobiplus, a series of courses to sharpen up the traffic knowledge and skills of senior road users;
• The Great Traffic Quiz, an online quiz game on traffic rules, road safety and sustainable transport, targeted at active road users from 25 to 55 years of age.

Contact details:

Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde (VSV)
Louizastraat 40
2800 Mechelen, Belgium
Tel.: +32 15 44 65 50

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