Members: Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia

The RTSA - Road Traffic Safety Agency of the Republic of Serbia - is established by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to perform developmental, technical and regulatory activities in the field of the road traffic safety in Serbia, what is published in Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 104, on 16th of December, 2009.

The RTSA is authorized to:

• analyze, monitor and improve the road traffic safety system (development and use of a unique database, important for the road traffic safety);
• work on improving the safety for drivers and other road users and to improve the traffic safety in terms of vehicles;
• perform preventive and promotional activities in cooperation with centers for the promotion of population health and institutes of Public Health, established in accordance with the regulations governing the health care, and to lead campaigns on the road traffic safety;
• provide a database on technical characteristics of motor vehicles and trailers, which is relevant to the implementation of regulations on the road traffic safety;
• organize all tasks related to the issuance of permits (licenses) for teachers of theoretical training in driving schools, driving instructors at driving schools, driving test examiners, tram drivers and tourist train drivers;
• organize all tasks related to the issuance of certificates of professional competence for professional drivers (CPC);
• provide training, organize and conduct examination for drivers whose driving license had been revoked for negligent management;
• organize all tasks related to the issuance of permits (licenses) to controllers of the technical inspection of vehicles;
• cooperate with regional and local bodies for the road traffic safety;
• issue periodic analysis and publications with data on traffic and road traffic accidents;
• organize and ensure publication of professional literature in the field of driver training;
• perform duties in connection with the implementation of digital and analogue tachographs;
• perform other tasks related to improving the road traffic safety, as stipulated by Road Traffic Safety Law and other regulations.

The RTSA works closely with ministries, universities and other stakeholders in the field of road traffic safety in the Republic of Serbia.

The RTSA consists of 5 departments: Cabinet of the director; Sector for planning and quality development; Sector for drivers; Sector for vehicles and Sector for legal, financial and administrative affairs. The RTSA employs experts from different fields: doctors and masters of science, traffic engineers, mechanical engineers, psychologists, lawyers and others.

The RTSA is a member of ETSC since 1st of January 2012, and highly appreciates the opportunity to join up with the international network of experts within ETSC.

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