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P.A.U. Education is a private company based in Barcelona, Spain, with a staff of more than 50 people from 20 different countries. It works with public and private organisations on a European and international level.

The company has been developing projects based on participatory educational schemes, community-building processes and innovative contents since its creation in 1995. One of its main areas of work is road safety education and research-action projects. In addition, its projects focus on other critical social issues like health, youth employment, open education, mobility and disability.

P.A.U. Education has been the operator of the European Road Safety Charter since 2004. The ERS Charter is the largest network of European civil society organisations - companies, associations, local or public authorities etc. - working to decrease road fatalities on European roads. Over the years, more than 2.300 organizations have joined the ERS Charter.

Other projects that have allowed P.A.U. Education to improve Road Safety awareness while developing participatory approaches include ROSE-25 (Road Safety Education in 25 EU Countries), Close-To, Your Ideas Your Initiatives, RoSaCe (Road Safety Cities in Europe) and Safe Roads 4 Youth.

Over the years, P.A.U. Education has created strong links with research institutes, universities, municipalities, companies, NGOs and local associations, and has engaged in a continuous dialogue on road safety issues.

In recognition for its dedication to promoting Road Safety and as coordinator of the European Road Safety Charter, P.A.U. Education has been invited to participate as an observer for the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration since 2010.

P.A.U. Education joined ETSC in January 2014

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