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The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) is a registered charity advising Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom on road, rail and air safety issues. It seeks to promote the need for new legislation (where necessary) and for existing legislation to be enforced more effectively.

PACTS brings together safety practitioners in the public, private, professional and research sectors, recognising that all will have a part to play in making transport safer for all users. It does this through working parties, through exchange of e-mail information and through regular updates about what is going on in Parliament. Its key role is to monitor political developments and to provide briefing material to decision-makers.

It also organises conferences and the annual Westminster Lecture on transport safety. The conferences aim to promote policy interventions, raising issues at a policy level to stimulate concern and interest among professionals and the media.

PACTS was one of the founding members of ETSC in 1993. It recognised then that key decisions were being taken at a European level and that the UK needed to take Europe more seriously. Membership of ETSC has given PACTS key information and a better understanding about how European political structures operate.

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