Members: The Norwegian Abstaining Motorists' Association (NO)

MA, The Norwegian Abstaining Motorists' Association, was established in 1928, as a motorists' organisation with a nationwide membership. Since the start MA has advocated road safety with a special focus on drink driving.

MA played an important part when Norway in 1936 was the first country to introduce a level of 0,5 blood alcohol content on illegal driving, and later when this level was lowered to 0,2. MA's ultimate aim is however zero tolerance on drink driving caused by alcohol, drugs and medicine. Important measures toward this goal are alcohol interlocks on vehicles, and also new such technologies to detect the abuse of drugs.

MA works for road safety on many levels such as lobbying in parliament, ministries and other national political fora, running nationally and locally based projects throughout Norway, and taking part in national and international organisations in the broad field of road safety. MA also has its own youth organisation, and projects directed toward young people also have priority.

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