Centre for Transport and Logistics

The Centre for Transport and Logistics (CTL) at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" is a centre of excellence started in 2003 with a start-up funding by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Since 2006 it became an autonomous department of the university.

CTL's activities encompass both contributions to basic research on transport systems and logistics and practical applications for government and industry. Several engineering departments make available to CTL their expertise in transport, logistics, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and computer science.

Research on transport and logistics at CTL covers all modes of transport, passenger and freight, public and private, together with innovations in the field of telecommunications, computer systems, vehicle mechanics, and supply chain management. Research topics are: mobility planning, public transport, fare policies, road accidents assessment, innovative systems for road safety planning, low emission vehicles assessment, design and development of on-board units for monitoring passenger and freight vehicles, development of new business models for industrial districts logistics, development of ICT platforms for transport and logistics, benchmarking transport systems and logistics.

CTL's research involves European projects, feasibility studies or consultancy for government and industry. Among the most relevant ongoing European projects: SafetyNet on road safety, Freightwise on intermodal transport, Citynetmobil on sustainable urban transport, Esteem on improvement of transport connections.

CTL works with academic, corporate, public-sector partners in Italy and abroad; some partners are: TNT Logistics, Telespazio, Atac, Ministero dei Trasporti, Provincia di Roma, Comune di Parma, Regione Marche, Honda Italia, Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), ENEA, University of New South Wales, INRIA, Technion, ITS Leeds and TNO.

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