Members: Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency (SI)

Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency (AVP) is a legal person of public law in the field of road safety established on 1st September 2010. Agency performs regulatory, developmental, technical and other tasks regarding drivers and vehicles, analytical and research work in the field of road safety, prevention, education and training. Agency also performs independent investigation of the factors and causes of traffic fatalities and provides expert work for preparation and implementation of national program on traffic safety.

Agency assess, within its jurisdiction, road infrastructure safety, provides education and raises public awareness about new technical standards, solutions and other measures which contribute to a greater safety of all road users. Regarding these areas, the agency is involved in bilateral relations and various international organizations.

Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency follows the main goal of reducing the number of dead and seriously injured people in traffic accidents by 50 % until 2021. Activities and preventive campaigns focus on most vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists and elderly. Through the campaigns the agency raises awareness, inform and educate public about all factors that affect driving (fatigue, illnesses, alcohol, medication etc.), different risks on road, meaning of anticipation drivers' behavior on roads, safe and ecological driving and following traffic rules. Also different seminars and meetings are organized by the agency, where policy makers, civil society and experts from Slovenia and EU exchange opinions and make suggestions for improving road safety. Agency coordinates preventive campaigns for using seat belts, reducing speed, against drink driving and making new campaigns (media advertising, posters, publications, flyers, etc) on problematic topics.

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