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The Auto- und Reiseclub Deutschland (ARCD) is Germany's only car and travel association. It is an automobile club steeped in tradition, which has nevertheless kept up with the times.

ARCD was founded in 1928 to serve especially the needs of teachers and public employees at the outset of motorisation and worldwide travel. Since 1977, it has been open to all professional groups, but still giving preferential treatment to members of civil or public service. Today, ARCD has about 120 000 customers, who are keen on travelling by car or motorcycle, by mobile home or trailer, by train, bus, ship or airplane. It provides them with accident and breakdown cover throughout Europe and the Mediterranean countries. Its members can also count on impartial information and professional assistance to prepare trips, check cars and clear up technical or legal questions.

Road safety has always been one of ARCD's major concerns. The club is a founding member of DVR, the German Road Safety Council, and strongly involved in setting up a considerable number of its programmes to improve road safety for different road users, especially the more vulnerable ones like children and the elderly.

ARCD has been a member of ETSC since 1993, thus supporting the goal of creating an independent European organisation capable of bundling up and coordinating the varying national safety concerns.

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