Members: Transport Infrastructure, Systems and Policy Group (TISPG)(PT)

The Transport Infrastructure, Systems and Policy Group (TISPG) is a research group included in the Centre for Urban and Regional Systems - Centro de Sistemas Urbanos e Regionais (CESUR) of the Instituto Superior TĂ©cnico (IST), the largest and most prestigious school of engineering, science and technology in Portugal.

CESUR was created in 1975 by a group of scholars from the scientific areas of Operational Research and Urban and Regional Planning, from various schools of the Technical University of Lisbon.

TISP's strategy has been driven by the following main objectives:

- Production and dissemination of research;
- Pursue national and international scientific excellence;
- Answering societal needs for national and European transport systems;
- Setting up a wide social base of stakeholders for advanced training through Master in Transportation’ course and MSc and PhD dissertations;
- Setting up an international network to formally support Transport PhD courses;
- Reshape and expansion of lab facilities.

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