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The Panos Mylonas Institute was established on 12 May 2005 as a non-profit organisation to prevent and reduce the number of road accidents through the support and promotion of activities related to road safety and the improvement of driving behaviour. The Institute also aims at supporting and rewarding research in the field of road safety.

The catalyst for the foundation of the Institute was the tragic loss of Panos Mylonas, a student in his fourth year of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department of the University of Patras and editor of the Auto Motor und Sport and Sport Auto magazines. He was killed at the age of 22 in a road accident on 22 March 2004 as he was driving to his University to attend lectures. He was a student of outstanding academic performance, excellent moral values, of rare talent in car journalism and very promising for the car industry and technology.

As thousands of others every year, Panos was a victim of poor planning, construction and maintenance of the Greek road network, as well as of the insufficient road safety and level of driving education. The tragic car accident did not allow him to contribute to society, and his loss has shocked the University Community.

The following University Institutions and selectively appointed corporations are its founding members among which the University of Patras and the Athens University of Economics and Business. A yearly scholarship award has also been established at the University of Patras (School of Engineering) in the memory of Panos Mylonas

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