Goods and passenger transport vehicles give reason for concern despite drop in deaths

Press release - 17 April 2013

In the European Union 4,254 people lost their lives in collisions involving heavy goods vehicles, 3,999 in collisions with light goods vehicles and 722 in collisions involving buses or coaches, out of the total number of 30,239 road deaths recorded in 2011.

"Progress in reducing deaths in collisions with heavy goods vehicles and buses has been faster than the general reduction of road deaths in the EU. However, the number of deaths per distance travelled for heavy goods vehicles, as well as buses and coaches, is larger than for the average vehicle fleet, so we urge the EU and Member States to maintain their focus on these vehicles. The deaths in such collisions add an important dimension of externalities to the transport of goods and passengers," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

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