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ETSC prepared three thematic reports annually covering different road safety at work related topics. ETSC also developed three fact sheets annually documenting success stories to illustrate the thematic reports. At the of the three year programme, ETSC published a road safety manual bringing together all the gathered research.
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PRAISE Project Leaflet (downloadable)

PRAISE Handbook (downloadable)

PRAISE Thematic Reports

Work Related Road Safety Management Programmes
PRAISE Thematic Report 9
Report 9 EN
25 April 2012
Driving for Work Managing Speed
PRAISE Thematic Report 8
Report 8 EN
15 December 2011
EU Social Rules and Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers
PRAISE Thematic Report 7
Report 7 EN
20 October 2011
Road Safety at Work Zones
PRAISE Thematic Report 6
Report 6 EN
24 May 2011
Minimising In Vehicle Distraction
PRAISE Thematic Report 5
Report 5 EN
21 December 2010
Safer Commuting to Work
PRAISE Thematic Report 4
Report 4 EN
Report 4 ES
03 November 2010
Fitness to Drive
PRAISE Thematic Report 3
Report 3 EN
Report 3 ES
07 May 2010
Fit for Road Safety: From Risk Assessment to Training
PRAISE Thematic Report 2
Report 2 EN
Report 2 ES
26 February 2010
How can In-Vehicle Safety Equipment improve road safety at work?
PRAISE Thematic Report 1
Report 1 EN
Report 1 ES
16 September 2009

PRAISE Fact Sheets

PRAISE Factsheet 9 Interview with Deutsche Post AG

PRAISE Factsheet 9 EN
30 April 2012
PRAISE Fact Sheet 8: Interview with Claire O'Brian of KTL

16 December 2011
PRAISE Fact Sheet 7: Interview with Kevin Warburton, TNT Express

PRAISE Fact Sheet 7 EN
20 October 2011
PRAISE Fact Sheet 6 Interview with Damien Tillet, Autoroutes du Sud de la France

PRAISE Fact Sheet 6 EN
PRAISE Fact Sheet 6 DE
PRAISE Fact Sheet 6 ES
24 May 2011
PRAISE Fact Sheet 5: Interview with 3M

PRAISE Fact Sheet 5 EN
PRAISE Fact Sheet 5 DE
PRAISE Fact Sheet 5 ES
19 January 2011
PRAISE Fact Sheet 5: Interview with 3M

19 January 2011
PRAISE Fact Sheet 4: Interview with Transport for London

PRAISE Fact Sheet 4 EN
PRAISE Fact Sheet 4 DE
PRAISE Fact Sheet 4 ES
12 November 2010
PRAISE Fact Sheet 3: Road Safety Management at Fredso Vognmandsforretning

PRAISE Fact Sheet 3 EN
PRAISE Fact Sheet 3 DE
PRAISE Fact Sheet 3 ES
30 June 2010
PRAISE Fact Sheet 2: Road Safety management at Suckling Transport

PRAISE Fact Sheet 2 EN
PRAISE Fact Sheet 2 DE
PRAISE Fact Sheet 2 ES
26 February 2010
PRAISE Fact Sheet 1: Road Safety management at DB Schenker

PRAISE Fact Sheet 1 EN
PRAISE Fact Sheet 1 DE
PRAISE Fact Sheet 1 ES
29 October 2009

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