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MEPs say yes to safer lorries
The European Parliament's transport committee has voted overwhelmingly in support of proposals to improve the safety of heavy goods vehicles. The revised rules on lorry dimensions will allow for cabs with improved visibility, especially important for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas.
18 March 2014
Parliament green light for new car emergency call system
The European Parliament has backed EU plans for all new types of car and van to be fitted with automated emergency call devices (eCall). However, the Parliament backed away from a 2015 deadline for the introduction of the technology, pending discussions with EU member states.
26 February 2014
MEPs back plan for cars to call 112 automatically
The European Parliament's internal market committee has backed EU plans for all new types of car and van to be fitted with automated emergency call devices but opened the door to postponing their introduction beyond the proposed deadline of October 2015.
11 February 2014
EU U-turn on mandatory safety checks for motorcycles
The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) says the EU's rejection of regular mandatory technical checks on motorcycles and scooters is a missed opportunity for reducing road deaths in Europe.

18 December 2013
EU urban mobility plan lacks teeth say road safety campaigners
The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) says European Commission plans to improve urban mobility will need strengthening if they are to have a measurable impact on road safety.
18 December 2013
In-car automated emergency calls move a step closer
EU plans for all new cars to be fitted with automated emergency call devices (eCall) moved a step closer today following a vote in the European Parliament's Transport committee. The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), representing safety campaigners and experts across the EU, welcomed the move.
17 December 2013
Road Safety Manifesto for the 2014 European Parliament Elections
ETSC has identified speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, infrastructure safety and the safety of vulnerable road users as priority areas for action during the mandate of the next European Parliament.

19 November 2013
Boost for Intelligent Speed Assistance in EU Commercial Vehicles
"ETSC welcomes today's publication as a next significant step in rolling out Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) technologies in the EU. Speed is the biggest risk factor leading to deaths and injuries on EU roads.
Action to observe better compliance with speed limits across the EU is fundamental if we are serious about reducing the unacceptably high toll - in terms of loss of life and limb as well as material costs - of traffic collisions," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

8 November 2013
EU Cross Border Enforcement Directive Comes into Force
"Today should mark the beginning of a fairer system of following up road traffic offences. The Directive should bring no change for law-abiding drivers across the Union. ETSC believes it is only fair for authorities to enforce the prevailing traffic laws on all those travelling on the roads," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

The 7th of November is the Member States' deadline to transpose into their national legislation the provisions of Directive 2011/82/EU.
7 November 2013
Crossing Borders - Follow the Traffic Rules
Drivers across the European Union will face sanctions for breaking traffic laws even when driving in a foreign country. "Traffic laws apply to all drivers, regardless of the country where their vehicle is registered," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

The message is simple: as a driver, you would not break the traffic laws in your home country. You know the authorities can follow up upon traffic offences. The same will apply abroad, acting as a deterrent to breaking traffic rules.

20 August 2013
European Parliament calls for EU to tackle serious road traffic injuries
"ETSC congratulates the European Parliament for its political support to improve road safety by tackling road traffic serious injuries," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director. Today, MEPs supported the European Commission's announcement of a common EU definition for road traffic serious injuries and issued a number of recommendations to the Member States and the Commission.
3 July 2013
European Parliament includes powered two-wheelers in periodical technical inspection regime
"Today's vote shows the European Parliament's commitment towards improving the safety of a group of road users which face some of the highest risks [on EU roads]," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

The Members of the European Parliament decided to seek an agreement with the Council of Ministers and voted on a series of amendments to the Commission proposals, which effectively amount to a negotiation mandate with Member States' representatives.

"We currently have only 16 countries mandating periodic roadworthiness tests for PTWs, while the others do not. By harmonising these rules across the EU we can begin to address the disparity of risks faced by these road users, at least to some extent," said Mr. Avenoso.
2 July 2013
Lithuanian Presidency makes road safety a priority
"We are in the unique situation where the two countries succeeding each other in holding the EU Presidency have been recognised for their respective efforts to improve road safety. ETSC can only hope the commitment and leadership which led to winning the 2011 Road Safety PIN Award will also be present in the Lithuanian Presidency team's handling of the important road safety dossiers coming up in the second half of 2013," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
1 July 2013
Ireland showcases credentials to remain a road safety champion in Europe
The improvements in Irish road safety show that it should be recognised as a road safety champion in the EU, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director at the Road Safety PIN Talk organised in Dublin, in cooperation with the Road Safety Authority, under the auspices of the Irish Presidency of the EU. We are very happy to see that the new Irish Road Safety Strategy is looking to build upon this progress, which ETSC has recognised through the 2010 Road Safety PIN Award, he added.
27 June 2013
Denmark Receives Road Safety PIN Award 2013
I am honoured to welcome Denmark as the latest entry in our prestigious list of PIN Award recipients. Their achievements in reducing the number of deaths on Danish roads make Denmark worthy of being recognised as a road safety champion, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
The Award was received on behalf of Denmark by Justice Minister Morten Bødsov.
17 June 2013
Road deaths down by 9% in 2012
The progress we have seen in 2012 is encouraging and we urge governments and stakeholders to keep up their efforts in order to further improve road safety and eventually reach the EU road safety target for 2020, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
17 June 2013
Safer Streets for Pedestrians: ETSC addresses European Road Safety Day
Pedestrians represent 20% of all road deaths in the EU. As many as 6,900 pedestrians were killed in the EU27 in 2009 alone; 80,800 since 2001. We are all pedestrians but we are not all safe. Big disparities exist between countries with much potential for saving lives and preventing serious injuries. The safety of walking needs special attention if public health and our environment are to be improved by encouraging these forms of active travel.
6 May 2013
Goods and passenger transport vehicles give reason for concern despite drop in deaths
In the European Union 4,254 people lost their lives in collisions involving heavy goods vehicles, 3,999 in collisions with light goods vehicles and 722 in collisions involving buses or coaches, out of the total number of 30,239 road deaths recorded in 2011.

"Progress in reducing deaths in collisions with heavy goods vehicles and buses has been faster than the general reduction of road deaths in the EU. However, the number of deaths per distance travelled for heavy goods vehicles, as well as buses and coaches, is larger than for the average vehicle fleet, so we urge the EU and Member States to maintain their focus on these vehicles. The deaths in such collisions add an important dimension of externalities to the transport of goods and passengers," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
17 April 2013
New Truck Cabin Design Could Save Lives in Europe
Today the European Commission has proposed new rules to allow manufacturers to develop more aerodynamic lorries and alter the design of cabins to introduce an energy-absorbing deformable vehicle front. Thus the proposals will enhance visibility which will also improve the safety of vulnerable road users. ETSC signals a first cautious welcome of these efforts to improve the safety of Heavy Good Vehicles.
15 April 2013
En route to a European strategy for serious injuries on the roads
"ETSC commends the European Commission for announcing a common definition of serious injuries in road traffic collisions. We are hopeful the Commission will build on this important step with a strategy including a target and concrete actions for follow-up and monitoring of Member States' progress," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

"The common definition is the first step in tackling the unacceptably high number of serious injuries on EU roads. We know that speed, alcohol and drugs and failure to wear a seatbelt are the three main killers on the roads. But these risk factors do not only kill, they also injure, impair and maim," Mr. Avenoso said.

"We strongly believe the European Commission must come forward with an EU reduction target for serious injuries. A 35% reduction in the number of road traffic serious injuries over the period 2014-2020 would be both challenging and achievable for the Member States," concluded Mr. Avenoso.
19 March 2013
Irish Presidency of the EU: Road Safety in the Spotlight
"Ireland, as one of the recipients of the PIN Road Safety Award in 2010, has been recognised internationally as one of the good performers in the EU. We have high-hopes the Presidency team will bring their political leadership to the fore at a time when road safety must be highlighted as a priority area for policy makers," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
18 January 2013
ETSC Receives Prince Michael International Road Safety Award
"I am deeply honoured to receive the Prince Michael Award, one which is presented to individuals and organisations with the highest level of commitment towards improving road safety," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director upon receiving the Award.
11 December 2012
European Parliament Approves tighter Safety Requirements for Powered Two-Wheelers
"The new Regulation on the type-approval and market surveillance of powered two and three wheel vehicles (PTWs) has a high potential to improve road safety, both in general and for the road users of these specific types of vehicles," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director following the European Parliament's vote on the Commission's legislative proposal.
20 November 2012
CARS2020: An Encouraging Blueprint that Needs Follow-up
"ETSC welcomes the publication of the Action Plan for the European automotive industry," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

In order to significantly improve safety on EU roads and to reach the EU target of no more than 15,500 road deaths, the cars driven in the EU must become safer. "ETSC welcomes the Commission's stated ambition to promote eCall systems. Moreover, The CARS2020 Action Plan identifies intelligent speed management devices and seatbelt reminders, a particularly positive development. We urge the European Commission to follow up the Action Plan with the appropriate legislative proposals for the full-scale deployment of these life-saving technologies," said Mr. Avenoso.
9 November 2012
New International Standard for Road Safety Management for Employers
The publication of the new ISO 39001:2012 standard is a welcomed and much-needed development. We are happy to see that employers in SMEs, large-sized companies and public authorities now have a clear set of guidelines to help them improve road safety management, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

Adoption of the new standard provides employers not only with a quality label, but it also shows they are responsible actors in their community as a whole on reducing road risk, he added.
4 October 2012
Demerit Point Systems save lives
Recommendations on how to get the best out of a Demerit Point System are presented today at the BESTPOINT conference. High levels of police enforcement, combined with regular communication campaigns, are key elements to sustain the deterrent effect of Demerit Point Systems.
BESTPOINT also comes forward with steps towards a long term scenario: one single and binding DPS at EU level.
6 September 2012
Cross Border Enforcement On the Road
Vice President of the European Commission, Mr. Kallas, reassured Members of the European Parliament , that the Commission, as guardian of the Treaty, will take all necessary measures to ensure the transposition of the Directive on cross-border enforcement of legislation.
31 August 2012
Cyprus Presidency of the EU: High Time to Address Serious Injuries on Our Roads
With Cyprus assuming the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU, we have high hopes that road safety will be a priority policy-area for the Union, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

We hope the Cyprus Presidency will successfully work to support the European Commission towards adopting an EU Strategy to reduce serious injuries occurring on EU roads. There is considerable work ahead in adopting a common EU definition of serious injuries, as well as a set of measures which would lead to a significant reduction in their number, he added.

2 July 2012
Hungary Receives Road Safety PIN Award 2012
"It is my pleasure to present this year's PIN Award to Hungary. Since 2006, the countries that have received the PIN Award have lived up to our expectations and I am positive the Hungarian experience will provide a strong impetus and the motivation needed to augment road safety efforts, for both its neighbours and the EU as a whole, " said Mr. Avenoso. The Award for Hungary was jointly received by Dr. László Felkai, State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior, and Mr. Zoltán Schváb, Deputy State Secretary responsible for infrastructure at the Ministry of National Development.
20 June 2012
Reduction in Road Deaths Slows Down in 2011
"Last year's progress in reducing road deaths is quite far short of what we've seen in the previous years in the EU, " said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director during the 6th Annual PIN Conference. Road deaths were cut by just 3% in 2011 compared with 2010.

"Combined efforts at both national and EU level must be stepped up, " he added.
20 June 2012
International Level Crossing Awareness Day 2012

6 June 2012
European Commission Recognises Life Saving Potential of Speed Management Technologies
The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) welcomes the European Commission's recognition of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems' potential to improve road safety in the EU. The Commission stated that 'Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems that inform the driver about the speed limit at any moment can contribute to improved road safety, since they may prevent the driver from inadvertently exceeding the speed limit.'
30 May 2012
One Year of the Decade of Action: Pressure Must Stay High to Make Roads Safer
On this day one year ago, the United Nations launched the Decade of Action for Road Safety, an ambitious commitment aimed at reducing the worrying global trend of an increase in risk on the roads. The World Health Organisation put the writing on the wall by estimating that by 2030 road traffic injuries would become the fifth leading cause of death. One year into the Decade of Action, many good initiatives have been taken already and there are good signals that allow ETSC to believe that the goal of stabilising and subsequently reducing the global number of road traffic deaths can be reached.
10 May 2012
ETSC Urges Finnish Government not to Abolish the National Traffic Police
1 May 2012
ETSC urges for zero tolerance to alcohol on EU roads
Drink driving unfortunately remains one of the three main killers on our roads. We must all take action to reduce this unacceptable behaviour which claims so many lives every year, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director during the event dedicated to tackling drink driving.
Siim Kallas, European Commission Vice-President responsible for Transport, delivered the keynote address at the conference. It is unacceptable for 85 people to die every day on Europe's roads. Alcohol-impaired road users are still involved in about a quarter of all fatal crashes in Europe. This is a very worrying situation. But if we work together to raise awareness, to enforce the rules better and to change people's driving habits, then we can truly make a difference in bringing down the number of road deaths, said Mr. Kallas.

Event photos:

23 April 2012
EU Receives Wake-up Call to Address Road Deaths
The provisional numbers of road deaths for 2011 the European Commission released yesterday are a tough reality check for the state of road safety in the EU, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
Yesterday's announcement came in with a stark reminder that there is no room for complacency, even after several years of good progress. I can only hope this cold shower will reinvigorate the European Commission and governments and help them get back on track to reach the EU 2020 road safety target. Since 2010 - when the European Road Safety Policy Orientations were published - we have yet to see any new legislative proposal from the Commission. We have a bold speech, we now have to translate the commitments of the Policy Orientations into concrete actions, said Mr. Avenoso.
30 March 2012
Danish Presidency of the EU: Time to Advance Road Safety at the EU Level
We look forward to the six-month Danish stint at the helm of the EU Council of Ministers as a time to advance road safety on the political agenda, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director. We ask the Danish Presidency to work closely with both the European Commission and the European Parliament to advance EU legislation on the TEN-T and tachograph which hold a potential to save the lives of road users across the EU.
10 January 2012
Young men four times more likely to die on EU roads than young women
Young people are among the groups facing the highest risks of dying while on the road. The latest Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Flash also reveals that young males are a particularly problematic group, making up 81% of the number of young people killed on EU roads.
29 November 2011
EU Infrastructure Investments to Be Conditional on Road Safety
Today the European Commission unveiled its overhaul of the guidelines for the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and a new financing mechanism. We welcome the prioritisation of road safety when promoting projects of common interest. We now urge the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers to acknowledge the importance of granting EU funding only to sectors of the road TEN-T network compliant with the Infrastructure Safety Directive and the Tunnel Safety Directive, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
19 October 2011
Final EU Approval for New Road Safety Legislation
ETSC strongly welcomes the final approval by the Council of Ministers, which comes as the last step in the adoption process of the Cross-Border Enforcement Directive. The text approved by the EU ministers is a compromise that was hammered out after negotiations with the European Parliament before the summer break.

Member states will need to implement the provisions of the Directive within two years. The Directive plugs an important gap in the enforcement of traffic laws across the EU and we believe it will make a good contribution towards halving road deaths during the 2011-2020 decade, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.

29 September 2011
European Parliament Asks the Commission to Do More on Road Safety
This European Parliament report shows the commitment of legislature to further improve road safety in the European Union, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director upon the plenary adoption of the European Parliament own initiative report on European road safety. We congratulate Dieter Lebrecht-Koch MEP for his resolute work as rapporteur on the dossier.
27 September 2011
Green-Light on Road Safety Legislation from European Parliament
We congratulate MEPs for their vote on this long-awaited piece of legislation, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director after the results of the European Parliament vote on the Cross-Border Enforcement Directive were announced. This Directive plugs an important gap in the enforcement of traffic laws across the EU. It also shows a good level of commitment to the target of halving road deaths for the 2011-2020 decade.
6 July 2011
Polish Presidency of the EU: Time to Start Work towards the 2020 Road Safety Target
The Polish Presidency should view road safety as a way to help the EU economy regain its competitiveness. Societal costs resulting from road deaths can be reduced by significant amounts, higher than the bailout package currently under discussion for Greece, declared Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
1 July 2011
Road Safety in Hungary: State of Play and Looking Forward
Discussions during the latest in the series of PIN Talks focused on the road safety record of the Hungarian Presidency of the EU, as well as placing Hungary in the EU road safety context . International road safety experts also participated to present good practice examples that could be adapted to the Hungarian context .
28 June 2011
Last Push Towards New EU Road Safety Legislation
We urge MEPs to sign up to this long-awaited piece of road safety legislation at the July plenary session, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
23 June 2011
Eight Countries Cut Road Deaths by More Than 50% Since 2001
- New PIN Report published today: 2010 Road Safety Target Outcome

Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Luxembourg, Sweden, France and Slovenia have all made reductions of more than 50% in the number of deaths on their roads since 2001. Setting a common EU target for reducing the number of road deaths was a vital stimulus to reaching these impressive reductions, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director during the 5th Annual PIN Conference.

21 June 2011
Lithuania Receives PIN Road Safety Award 2011
- Road Deaths Cut by 58% in Lithuania since 2001
It is my pleasure to give the PIN Award this year to Lithuania and Sweden. All the countries that received the PIN Award have lived up to our expectations, and I am positive that all EU member states will have a lot to learn from these two, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director. The Award for Lithuania was received by Eligijus Masiulis, Minister for Transport and Communications.
21 June 2011
Sweden Receives Road Safety PIN Award 2011
- Road Deaths Cut by 50 % in Sweden since 2001
Sweden embodies the reason why we think that ambitious targets should be set. Sweden has the lowest traffic mortality in Europe, and this was also the case in 2001. We see the perfect example that road deaths can be cut in any country, regardless of the starting point, said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director. The Award for Sweden was received by Catharina Elmsater-Svard, Minister for Infrastructure.
21 June 2011
International Level Crossing Awareness Day
June 9th is the International Level Crossing Awareness Day. Watch the video Just in time calling road users to act safely at level crossings here
9 June 2011
European Voices Join to Mark UN Launch of Decade of Action for Road Safety
Today the European Transport Safety Council welcomes the launch of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. The UN Decade will enable the EU to join forces in tackling road safety at a global level.
ETSC has prepared a short film featuring leading figures from across Europe, all calling for a strong decade of concerted action on road safety.
11 May 2011
New PIN country ranking: Unprotected Road Users Left Behind in Efforts to Reduce Road Deaths
A total of 169,000 pedestrians, cyclists and users of powered two-wheeled vehicles have been killed on European roads since 2001; 15,300 of them in 2009.
These figures are a great cause for concern. Initiatives targeted at these types of road user will be crucial in reaching the
new target of halving road deaths for the 2011-2020 decade
, said Antonio Avenoso.
10 May 2011
Towards a Vision Zero for Road Safety in Europe
We welcome what may be a new era in European road safety. We support the European Commission approach to include safety as an underlying theme of the White Paper on Competitive and Resource Efficient Transport, declared ETSC Executive Director Antonio Avenoso after the adoption by the European Commission of the Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area: Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system.
28 March 2011
Cross-Border Enforcement Directive Receives Official Green Light from EU Council
We are happy that Member States representatives took this important next step towards improving the safety of citizens across the EU, said ETSC Executive Director Antonio Avenoso.
17 March 2011
Adoption of the Cross-Border Enforcement Directive Should Move Ahead despite News of UK Decision to Delay Opt-In
"We urge EU Transport ministers and MEPs to continue with the adoption of the Cross-Border Enforcement Directive, despite the decision that the UK will delay their opt-in procedure," said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
4 March 2011
Minister Schouppe announces the implementation of alcolocks in Belgium
The Belgian government published today the decrees implementing the framework law on using alcolocks in rehabilitation programmes. A judge will now be able to offer the participation in an alcolock rehabilitation programme to a drink driving recidivist or a first time offender caught with a BAC limit of 0.8g/l and over for a period of at least one year up to five years.
9 December 2010
EU Transport Ministers clinch deal to save lives on Europe’s Roads
ETSC strongly welcomes the conclusions on a political agreement on road safety and the Cross Border Enforcement Directive adopted at today’s Transport Council by EU Transport Ministers.
2 December 2010
ETSC commemorates World Remembrance Day
19 November 2010
Traffic Law Enforcement Centre Stage at the European Road Safety Days
14 October 2010
Rural roads in the EU: more efforts needed to apply known and affordable road safety measures
12 October 2010
Alcolocks: a life saving technology in the European Parliaments spotlight
6 October 2010
First step for ISA?
17 September 2010
Ambitious target, weak programme - EU Road Safety Programme 2011-2020
20 July 2010
Ireland to lower drink-drive limit
7 July 2010
La Présidence belge de l'UE met la sécurité routière et la directive sur les sanctions transfrontalières au centre de ses priorités
1 July 2010
Belgisch EU-voorzitterschap en verkeersveiligheid
1 July 2010
Belgian EU Presidency to put Road Safety Back Centre Stage
1 July 2010
Transport Ministers Discuss Road Safety at Work
25 June 2010
Four Countries Reduce Road Deaths by 50%
22 June 2010
Estonia receives Road Safety PIN Award 2010
22 June 2010
Ireland receives Road Safety PIN Award 2010
22 June 2010
Act safely at level crossings!
"Just In Time" Video 114Mb
21 June 2010
Estonia halves road deaths but still faces many challenges
21 May 2010
British Telecom (BT) Wins Competition for Road Safety at Work in the EU
6 May 2010
Tackling the three main killers on the roads
5 May 2010
ETSC signs up to eCall
4 May 2010
Portugal - new measures to prevent drink driving
3 May 2010
Reducing Speed – little progress, but everyone can act!
23 February 2010
Open Letter to Commissioner Kallas on Setting Ambitious EU Road Safety Targets for 2020
16 February 2010
Ambitious Road Safety Targets Needed for 2020
14 January 2010
EU New Road Safety Star Spain Takes Centre Stage
6 January 2010
World Transport Ministers to Tackle Road Safety at First U.N. Conference on Road Safety
18 November 2009
At least 300,000 people are seriously injured on EU roads every year
12 November 2009
Comunicato stampa - 23 ottobre 2009
23 October 2009
ETSC urges Irish government to lower drink drive limit
23 October 2009
Drink-driving contributes to 10,000 deaths on EU roads every year
21 October 2009
Nordic Road Safety Competition: On the road to Zero
7 September 2009
12 August 2009
Sweden Europe's Road Safety Champion Steers the EU
1 July 2009
EU Gains Momentum in Road Safety
22 June 2009
Time for Action on Road Safety at Work in the EU
30 April 2009
Future EU Legislation for new Transport Safety Technologies in Hands of Ministers
28 April 2009
Boost the market for safer cars across the EU
14 April 2009
Regional and Local Action as a Motor for Road Safety Improvements in the Czech Republic
18 March 2009
EU countries ranked on child road safety
9 February 2009
Czech Presidency at Head of EU as Clock Ticks to Reach 2010 Road Safety Target
6 January 2009
Future of EU Police Enforcement Traffic Safety Law in Hands of EU Transport Ministers
8 December 2008
Better road safety may be in horizon in Slovenia
4 December 2008
Réduire les accidents deux-roues motorisées en Belgique : un impératif pour atteindre les objectifs de 2010 et 2015
3 December 2008
Belgium makes fast progress in road safety
3 December 2008
Des mesures plus rigoureuses contre l’alcool au volant alors que la France fixe de nouveaux objectifs de sécurité routière
2 December 2008
Tougher measures for drink drivers as France sets new safety goals
2 December 2008
Poursuivre les progrès accomplis en sécurité routière en France en s’inspirant des exemples des pays les plus sûrs
17 October 2008
Bringing an End to Drink Driving in Poland: Poznan and beyond
14 October 2008
EU capitals ranked on road safety progress
8 October 2008
EU Transport Ministers Must Support Legislation
7 October 2008
25 September 2008
Denmark Launches Safety Camera Initiative to Combat Speeding
3 September 2008
Call for Strong Leadership in Time of Crisis: France to Advance Road Safety
1 July 2008
La Présidence française appelée à faire avancer la sécurité routière en Europe
1 July 2008
Only three countries will reach the 2010 target on time
23 June 2008
More Police Enforcement is Key to Less Drink Driving in Belgium
2 June 2008
Reducing Older People’s Deaths on Roads in Europe
26 May 2008
Lower speeds: Win-Win for Road Safety and the Environment
24 April 2008
Ireland Enters Top 10 EU Road Safety Rating
18 April 2008
STOP to Drink Driving Amongst Young Drivers
9 April 2008
New EU proposal on Police Traffic Law Enforcement: Road Safety Crosses Borders
19 March 2008
Action on reducing speed is needed in Finland
6 March 2008
UK discusses next steps in combating drink driving
27 February 2008
Fate of EU motorway safety in hands of MEPs
26 February 2008
Big Task for a Small Country: Slovene Presidency to advance EU road safety
10 January 2008
Press Release. MOTORCYCLIST DEATHS IN EUROPE: worrying trends require urgent measures
18 December 2007
Portugal aims to halve road deaths ahead of EU Deadline
28 November 2007
Local Road Safety Initiatives Deserve European Boost
21 November 2007
German Bundestag discusses introducing Alcolocks
16 November 2007
EU road safety plan behind schedule
9 October 2007
Road safety activists camp in Brussels
28 September 2007
Road safety experts call on MEPs to approve infrastructure Directive
27 June 2007
France’s outstanding success celebrated at 1st PIN Conference
11 June 2007
Les remarquables performances françaises célébrées à Bruxelles
11 June 2007
Moderating driving speeds – little progress but great potential
7 June 2007
European Parliament decides against improving road safety
5 June 2007
Roads to Respect: inspiring students to make a difference by lobbying for better roads
4 May 2007
Drink driving – good progress in some countries, but others hold Europe back
17 April 2007
Speed award press release
22 March 2007
New ETSC Report Proves Urgency of a Traffic Law Enforcement Directive
12 March 2007
Wider seat belt use could save up to 1 in 5 drivers’ lives
22 February 2007
Commission still “assessing the opportunity” of legislation
8 February 2007
Number 1 New Year’s Resolution for the German EU Presidency:
20 December 2006
Launch of policy network adressing drink driving across the EU
22 November 2006
First Road Safety PIN Talk held in Athens today
15 November 2006
Better car safety does not jeopardise emission reduction
13 November 2006
EU transport ministers told: "make tracks to achieve the 2010 EU road safety target now!"
3 November 2006
Reducing Alcohol Harm on Europe’s Roads – Enforcing drink driving legislation across the EU
26 October 2006
Second country ranking under the Road Safety PIN
25 October 2006
Good morning, sleeping beauty
5 October 2006
First country ranking under the Road Safety PIN
26 September 2006
Press visit - Safe and sober! Drink driving checks in Germany
15 September 2006
Directive on Cross Border Enforcement?
20 July 2006
Finland’s Presidency of the EU: Road Safety Champion to take the helm
30 June 2006
Review of Transport Safety Policy - mobility yes, but not without safety!
22 June 2006
Ministers call for action to protect vulnerable road users
VOICE press release on the Transport Council reaction to the mid term review of the road safety action programme
9 June 2006
EU Ministers call for road safety Action
Council Conclusions on the mid term review of the EU Road Safety Action Programme
9 June 2006
Debunking the myths preventing the use of Intelligent Speed Assistance
24 May 2006
VOICE Award to Administrations
11 May 2006
Finland Tops first EU Traffic Law Enforcement League Table
5 May 2006
Buckle Up Europe
25 April 2006
European Driving Licence – driving road safety forward
27 March 2006
i2010 - eSafety that matters
23 February 2006
The Mid-term Review of the 3rd Road Safety Action Programme: Off target?
22 February 2006
eSafety that matters
20 February 2006
Sweden first EU country to mandate alcohol interlocks?
6 December 2005
Austria promises to put transport safety high on next EU Presidency agenda
5 December 2005
In-built safety: How vehicle technology can help enforce traffic rules?
18 October 2005
VOICE best and worst car make
6 October 2005
Parliament shows the Commission political leadership on road safety
30 September 2005
Wanted: a Strong UK Leadership on Road Safety
27 June 2005
Commissioner Barrot is first VOICE Personality
15 June 2005
EU Cross-Border Enforcement of Traffic Rules Can Save Many Lives
11 May 2005
Strengthening the safety of vulnerable road users
25 February 2005
Commission’s new car industry group "lacks expertise" say transport NGOs
13 January 2005
ETSC calls for "Verona Process"; on road safety
9 December 2004
European drivers keen on enforcement
8 December 2004
EU target cannot be reached without increased enforcement
25 October 2004
Drivers are not more dangerous when older
29 September 2004
ETSC commitment strengthens Commission Road Safety Charter
5 April 2004
The EU road safety agenda: What Member States suggest
1 January 2004
How EuroNCAP can keep improving car safety
27 November 2003
The EU target will not be achieved unless the EU takes additional actions.
7 July 2003
Transport research agenda up for grabs
25 June 2003
ETSC calls for assessment of risk and setting of targets as effective tools for saving lives
10 June 2003
Are MEPs going to compromise on safer car fronts to accomodate industrial convenience?
19 May 2003
Costs and effectiveness of safer car fronts and new technologies for vulnerable road users
9 May 2003
Change of leadership at ETSC
28 February 2003
Transport safety organisations' worst fears confirmed
25 February 2003
Air safety experts present scientific evidence for a safety-critical harmonised requirement on flight time limitations
19 February 2003
Commission to issue proposal offering 70% less pedestrian protection than requested
18 February 2003
Latest EuroNCAP Results: New cars continue to be excessively and unnecessarily dangerous for pedestrians
26 November 2002
Best in Europe 2002 on Safer Cities
25 June 2002
Today's Plenary vote on pedestrian safety
13 June 2002
European Parliament plenary vote on pedestrian protection
11 June 2002
New proposed rules on driving time unlikely to reduce fatigue
2 May 2002
Press Statement on MEP's decision today on pedestrian protection
18 April 2002
MEPS's decision on pedestrian protection: 2000 lives annually at stake
16 April 2002
Pedestrian protection: Safety organisations across Europe call on MEPs to put public safety first
15 February 2002
ETSC urges MEPs to reject the voluntary agreement on pedestrian protection
31 January 2002
Member States put industrial convenience over public safety
26 November 2001
ETSC urges MEPs to insist on pedestrian protection legislation to save 2000 lives
22 November 2001
ETSC calls for the EU to establish transport safety performance indicators
18 October 2001
ETSC calls for Directive on safer car fronts
10 July 2001
Incoming EU Presidency and MEPs back ETSC conclusions urging legislation on safer car fronts
26 June 2001
ETSC calls for the EU to mandate independent maritime and rail accident investigation and to set up EU accident and incident databases.
25 April 2001
Technical Presentation To The Commission Hearing On Safer Car Fronts
(NB this a pdf file of a PowerPoint presentation)
6 February 2001
Commission Hearing On Safer Car Fronts
1 February 2001
ETSC urges the Commission to put safety first
20 December 2000
MEPs warn "One more backtrack from the Commission and we'll have no road safety policy!"
5 December 2000
Road Casualty Statistics - EU Member States Comparisons
5 December 2000
Safer car fronts for pedestrians and cyclists
24 October 2000
Best in Europe - High level Brussels meeting (12.9.00) on successful measures to cut EU road deaths
11 September 2000
ETSC welcomes proposed EU action plan to cut road deaths
17 March 2000
New international review of safety polices for pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas
18 February 2000
EU Transport Commissioner backtracks on road safety by saying no to Directive on blood alcohol limits
27 January 2000
Lack of an EU Strategy for Transport Safety is Costing Lives
21 January 2000
MEPs and ETSC Call On EU Transport Commissioner To Take Effective Action on Road Safety
13 January 2000
Safety in and Around Airports: Need for EU Action
5 November 1999
Better Management of Post Crash Care is Needed to Reduce EU Road Deaths and Disability
27 October 1999
Intelligent Transport Systems: The Crash Benefits and the Crash Risks
14 July 1999
Risk of Death and Injury of Travel in the European Union
8 June 1999
New Perspective of Rail Safety Priorities in Europe
1 June 1999
Effective Police Enforcement Could Lead to a 50 Per Cent Reduction on Road Injury Crashes
17 May 1999
Action on reducing speed is needed in Finland
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